OMG where does the time go

Hey guys,

Omg cannot believe how time flies, its been ages since i have blogged.

Well i have quit smoking not had a cigarette for a whole month which is great, the menthol e-cigs helped me to quit and i really do not feel like smoking a proper cigarette now, even felt sick from the smell walking past someone the other day chuffing away. (yep all us ex-smokers are hypocrites lol ).

On the down side i am now eating far too much and my love for chocolate is back with a vengeance. On the whole though i think quitting the tabs is much better for me.

Had a huge tattoo in one of my mad moments, will i like it when i am 70 laying on the beach?  i doubt it, but for now i love it. inked up lollycoxx

All i need now is new boobs, a holiday, a car and a healthy bank balance is it too much to ask for a miracle, had better be working my arse off then.

Hope to see some of you when i am working on here

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