Treating myself

I treated myself to some new underwear and spoilt you all with some pics, i mean i have to treat myself once in while no-one else does (hint hint) do you guys not see my wish list!!

Decided to not go for the insanity workout and just do normal tone up exercises as i am happy with how i am really but god there a killer – so unfit.

Sex is supposed to be good for exercise only thing i see though is my dildo.

Did you all have a good weekend? I have had a very low key one just chilled took some pics for you all and watched crap. I have seen some shit films recently but actually liked “St George’s day” and for a “good time call”  we all gotta like some phone sex 😉 xx

Got any questions i will be happy to do a blog on some for you…….

I got as far as the heels and handbag, happy to go out and party like this though, all be it the right party 😉 xx