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16th January 2016

Cam time here also on Skype lollycoxx you must pay to play first before your get an add and tell me where you found me for Skype  so just shoot me an email before hand via my contact page ………..clips on clips4sale if you have any requests or customs email me as i will be spending one day a week filming – Have a great weekend guys xxx here you go always good to see a big busty rack

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Happy New Year 2016

I just wanted to say a big Happy new year to you guys xx

I was very ill last year to the extent i even cut all my hair off in a nut job rage, had a britney moment!!! I hate me with short hair( so your see me with extensions in most of the time)  but its growing and i am well on the mend………….i am very head strong and determined this year , nothing is going to bring me down this year!! Even the strongest of people can crumble and i may not always show my fragile side but its there.

I will be concentrating on clips a lot more this year you can find my clips here with at least 5 new fresh clips a month you can have a custom clip done by emailing me via  my website the cost is $12 a min.

As you know i cam and if you join up via or click here its free to join but its pay to play, i also get more than 30% my cut if you join this way.

I also do Skype shows and i must admit i love those shows, there the best  quality for cam to cam, no lag and much bigger picture but hell some of you guys are just pigs on there and i will NOT tolerate you expecting me to chat to you for free when you wish, finding me on there and expecting extra minutes, i am virtual!! like most of you i have my own family, own reality life so my time is precious too, while the majority can see it for what it is,  i still find a hell a lot of guys thinking you can take the piss, Skype is your cheapest option for having a show with me and i have had to block a lot of guys today simply coz i won’t take any shits from you and you take the piss too much……………i will have to not only block the bad but up my prices on Skype to my normal cam prices elsewhere if this continues, i will not meet you ever!!  i am NOT an escort its just not my bag!! I only do Cam be it domination/fetish  or tease its all virtual nothing more!! For Skype shows details are here 

Now i have that off my chest i know the best of you don’t abuse a thing with me and we can play at normal rate and continue having fun – lets make 2016 a fab year with lost of naughty fun!

And yep my birthday was 2 days before xmas!! i don’t care if you have a wife or girlfriend your treat me as well lol.





Busty british lollycoxx


this is the link here

Really enjoying doing Skype shows, No lag, HD cam and hey i get a much better picture quality of you if you like c2c. Its the cheapest option you will find to have a show with me as i don’t have to be concerned about the percentage the cam site takes from me.

Skype shows do not mean i am a push over,  you get the minutes you pay for, if we run out of time you can always purchase more time x

Skype Shows

I am offering Skype shows to book one with me please go here to agree a time, let me know what type of show you would like and pay for the booking which is all available on that page.

With my Skype shows you have my full attention and if you wish we can c2c if your a little shy don’t worry i will break you in gently i love to watch you stroke just as much as i love to watch your ass take a pounding.

Sexy tease to sensual domme just let me know by contacting me here  what floats your boat before we carry out the session.

I have plenty of heels if your a heel lover, thigh high boots, sexy outfits including latex, luscious dark brown hair, sultry dark brown eyes, 32hh Big tits and a filthy mouth – Look forward to getting you off on a Skype show soon.Photo on 02-02-2015 at 11.23 #4-imp



I have been working on a lot of clips, check out my store for all sorts of fetishes, If you have a request or a custom (customs are extra) drop me an email and they can be added to my store.

As you know i have awesome big tits and a filthy mouth so i am sure there will be something to suit all as there really is no missing these huge boobs of mine 😉 x

Click next on the link below to view other clips or visit my store once there if you click on categories your see the fetishes i have clips in.

So for all you footie fans watching the world cup in-between plenty of jerk off material in my lollycoxx clips store x

God i really must make more effort

Hello all,

Well the plan was to blog a lot – god knows what happened to that, but i will give it another bash, not enough hours in the day.

I just want to say a huge thank you to whoever bought me a gift from my lovehoney wish list, your a mystery as i am usually told by the person buying me a gift 😉

I am wishing for an ejaculating dildo too …. yep there is a hint in there and its on the lovehoney wish list, my amazon list is also working again.

Anyway so now i am really aiming to try and get some new boobs by the end of the year , if you love big tits and your want to see mine even bigger please help me get them quicker, you can do this by  joining up and cam, as long of course you have not got an account already so please join up via my link and just wank your cock off to many girls……………..and of course with me when i am live, even better for me if you join up via me and cam with me when i am on,  but still helping if you have joined via me and cam with anyone when i am off line.

For the new guys that don’t have accounts on there your be surprised how much this will help me……… come on join join join under my link lets help Lolly get some 1000cc sooner rather than later.

I am doing a shed load of clips more often now as well so if you have any requests just email me and i will add them to my to do list, requests cost you no more than my normal clip rate if its a custom with names used they are charged much much higher though. The contact me section here is now working x

Big kisses to you guys that are not just freeloaders x

OMG where does the time go

Hey guys,

Omg cannot believe how time flies, its been ages since i have blogged.

Well i have quit smoking not had a cigarette for a whole month which is great, the menthol e-cigs helped me to quit and i really do not feel like smoking a proper cigarette now, even felt sick from the smell walking past someone the other day chuffing away. (yep all us ex-smokers are hypocrites lol ).

On the down side i am now eating far too much and my love for chocolate is back with a vengeance. On the whole though i think quitting the tabs is much better for me.

Had a huge tattoo in one of my mad moments, will i like it when i am 70 laying on the beach?  i doubt it, but for now i love it. inked up lollycoxx

All i need now is new boobs, a holiday, a car and a healthy bank balance is it too much to ask for a miracle, had better be working my arse off then.

Hope to see some of you when i am working on here

press the link above and join up even when i am not on and add me to your favs so you can be alerted when i am online and ready to get naughty x i tend to cam Mon-Fri 9am-4pm x

Dont forget to follow me on twitter @lollycoxx


Treating myself

I treated myself to some new underwear and spoilt you all with some pics, i mean i have to treat myself once in while no-one else does (hint hint) do you guys not see my wish list!!

Decided to not go for the insanity workout and just do normal tone up exercises as i am happy with how i am really but god there a killer – so unfit.

Sex is supposed to be good for exercise only thing i see though is my dildo.

Did you all have a good weekend? I have had a very low key one just chilled took some pics for you all and watched crap. I have seen some shit films recently but actually liked “St George’s day” and for a “good time call”  we all gotta like some phone sex 😉 xx

Got any questions i will be happy to do a blog on some for you…….

I got as far as the heels and handbag, happy to go out and party like this though, all be it the right party 😉 xx


Thanks to all the guys that cammed with me over the last week, had a really horny time with you all, i won’t be on cam for a little while now.

I have to say you hoover fetish guys gave my boobs a good suction x

You will  be able to chat to me on directim everyday via here also on the phones when you see that available, you can still always use the contact form on here for some phone sex in the evenings GMT or cam sessions but they will not have sound to hear my smutty mouth until my lodger is back at work in 3 or so weeks – DAM HIM!! No i do not fuck the lodger and nor would i consider it. 😉

So hope this sun comes back out so i can top up on the tan, don’t forget to contact me via my contact page with any questions and of course my scented panties DSC_0892-imp


Sexy Sunday

I am still in bed – naked i may add, but thought i would write a quick blog before i get up and cam for the day.

Got stung by a wasp on my boob while sunbathing friday – Ouch 🙁

I was just laying face down and it must of sneaked its way under my boob decided there was no way out from the enormous breast so decided to sting me. Haven’t been stung for ages. Here is the sting and no its not a nipple!




Had a fab time on cam yesterday, good mixture from filth to the weird and wonderful fetish . I know a few have asked me to add specific things to my wish list, which i will add over the next few days. I prefer surprises just so you know and appreciate it all 😉 x

I hope to see you guys on cam later today you know how i like to milk your cock and have it thinking about me for a long time after.



Dont forget to follow me on twitter @lollycoxx and if you fancy a cam session today i will be on here and here xx Its going to be big boobs,  tits , nice rack , bangers and what ever else you naughty boys call them along with a very pretty pierced you know what xx