Terms and conditions

You Are not permitted to take any content from my website full stop!

My pictures remain the property of lollycoxx any picture on other websites of me or profiles i will take legal action on.

If your booking a skype show or phone chat with me no refund will be made if you cannot make the agreed time. If you carry out any illegal activity while in phone chat or skype i will end the session and no refund will be made.

No phone chat or skype show will take place unless an amazon uk gift voucher is legit.

If i am hounded by inundated emails from yourself for no apparent reason you will be blocked.

You are not permitted to record any cam session with myself and if you do legal action will be taken against you.

You must be 18 or 21 in some area to see this site and to have any communication with me. Any person that appears to be under age will be blocked.

Further more irritate me or annoy me in any way and you will be blocked.