God i really must make more effort

Hello all,

Well the plan was to blog a lot – god knows what happened to that, but i will give it another bash, not enough hours in the day.

I just want to say a huge thank you to whoever bought me a gift from my lovehoney wish list, your a mystery as i am usually told by the person buying me a gift 😉

I am wishing for an ejaculating dildo too …. yep there is a hint in there and its on the lovehoney wish list, my amazon list is also working again.

Anyway so now i am really aiming to try and get some new boobs by the end of the year , if you love big tits and your want to see mine even bigger please help me get them quicker, you can do this by  joining up lolly_coxx.cammodels.com and cam, as long of course you have not got an account already so please join up via my link and just wank your cock off to many girls……………..and of course with me when i am live, even better for me if you join up via me and cam with me when i am on,  but still helping if you have joined via me and cam with anyone when i am off line.

For the new guys that don’t have accounts on there your be surprised how much this will help me………..so come on join join join under my link lolly_coxx.cammodels.com lets help Lolly get some 1000cc sooner rather than later.

I am doing a shed load of clips more often now as well so if you have any requests just email me and i will add them to my to do list, requests cost you no more than my normal clip rate if its a custom with names used they are charged much much higher though. The contact me section here is now working x

Big kisses to you guys that are not just freeloaders x