What made me want to be a cam model

Well its the 1st Aug and the sun is back out, will be spending the day out in the sun browning those huge mounds of mine.

Got a big week of camming coming up 3rd – 10th Aug and will be on lots of hours. Your find me mainly on lolly_coxxx@cammodels.com

Be sure to join up via My Link so you can get alerts of when i am on. Also will be on Adultwork at times too, if you want to do a skype session with me direct just get in touch via my contact page and we can arrange a time.

When you see me on other sites please respect there rules i will not talk about any outside sites at all and stick to there rules when i work on them.

What got me into cam modelling? I am asked that a lot.

Well i used to have my own business that turned upside down and needed to think of other avenues, always been more than open minded.

Years ago i applied for a job doing phone sex at a warehouse, was a big eye opener :-O but i was not into a lot of fetishes back then and when i heard a guy on the other end of the phone jerking off in his trainer i thought, lets try something else lol.

Anyway 2 and half years ago i started working for another phone sex company from home and really enjoyed it read up an a whole lot of fetishes and really got into everything and had a much better understanding of why and what does it for some men, its not all about a sloppy blow job thats for sure!

After 3 months i plucked up the courage to cam, used to be very nervous (long gone our those days). Started off on Adultwork and met some really good regulars some that still remain.

There is a stigma to this line of work i have even had guys i have cammed with look down there nose at me, well seeing as there the ones at the other end of the cam i find it bizzare, no one is better than me just because they think it, i choose to do this job no one forced me.



I have learnt many fetishes and enjoy hearing about what really turns guys on and makes them tick, there are lots and you are far from all the same.

Its something some men are frightened to tell there wives/girlfriends in fear they would look differently on them, judge and ruin there relationship.

I find camming can be fun and you can just let yourself go with me.

What i do hate about camming is the freeloaders it attracts, at the end of the day this is my job and i am not there on a site to entertain a spunk stick in free! Thats where my ban button comes in very handy.

Very important in this line of work to not have all your eggs in one basket hence why i am on a few sites and now offer my own Skype and Phone sessions.

Right off to get those boobies browned some more. x


First Blog – Welcome to My Website Lollycoxx.com

Hi all,

Well i am going to tell you all now, blogs are really not my strong point!

But here goes lol

Welcome to my website www.lollycoxx.com its been long overdue and its going to be a place we can have fun, get to know me better, see pictures of me that will not be seen elsewhere and somewhere you are just talking to me rather than another site in-between us.

Please respect i am on other sites and while i am working on them i will not mention any outside information or this website, i always respect the sites rules i work on.

So i expect you to except that and to respect my site rules while you are on here.

You boys can now contact me in person and have one to one Skype and phone chat sessions if and when i can accommodate you.

Any ideas for my site please contact me via the contact page.

This will be a working progress and i will eventually have a members only area which i will be looking forward to working on.

Panties yes panties want some? Then come check out my scented panties page 😉

Also boys i have toys that have seen this tight wet hole far to many times available to purchase so again contact me via that contact page 😉

Will be adding to my blog on a regular basis, god help you all as i have said its really not my strong point but for you lot have seen me you all know what my strong point is xx