Happy New Year 2016

I just wanted to say a big Happy new year to you guys xx

I was very ill last year to the extent i even cut all my hair off in a nut job rage, had a britney moment!!! I hate me with short hair( so your see me with extensions in most of the time)  but its growing and i am well on the mend………….i am very head strong and determined this year , nothing is going to bring me down this year!! Even the strongest of people can crumble and i may not always show my fragile side but its there.

I will be concentrating on clips a lot more this year you can find my clips here http://bit.ly/1OO878J with at least 5 new fresh clips a month you can have a custom clip done by emailing me via  my website the cost is $12 a min.

As you know i cam and if you join up via lolly_coxx.cammodels.com or click here its free to join but its pay to play, i also get more than 30% my cut if you join this way.

I also do Skype shows and i must admit i love those shows, there the best  quality for cam to cam, no lag and much bigger picture but hell some of you guys are just pigs on there and i will NOT tolerate you expecting me to chat to you for free when you wish, finding me on there and expecting extra minutes, i am virtual!! like most of you i have my own family, own reality life so my time is precious too, while the majority can see it for what it is,  i still find a hell a lot of guys thinking you can take the piss, Skype is your cheapest option for having a show with me and i have had to block a lot of guys today simply coz i won’t take any shits from you and you take the piss too much……………i will have to not only block the bad but up my prices on Skype to my normal cam prices elsewhere if this continues, i will not meet you ever!!  i am NOT an escort its just not my bag!! I only do Cam be it domination/fetish  or tease its all virtual nothing more!! For Skype shows details are here 

Now i have that off my chest i know the best of you don’t abuse a thing with me and we can play at normal rate and continue having fun – lets make 2016 a fab year with lost of naughty fun!

And yep my birthday was 2 days before xmas!! i don’t care if you have a wife or girlfriend your treat me as well lol.