Thanks to all the guys that cammed with me over the last week, had a really horny time with you all, i won’t be on cam for a little while now.

I have to say you hoover fetish guys gave my boobs a good suction x

You will  be able to chat to me on directim everyday via here also on the phones when you see that available, you can still always use the contact form on here for some phone sex in the evenings GMT or cam sessions but they will not have sound to hear my smutty mouth until my lodger is back at work in 3 or so weeks – DAM HIM!! No i do not fuck the lodger and nor would i consider it. 😉

So hope this sun comes back out so i can top up on the tan, don’t forget to contact me via my contact page with any questions and of course my scented panties DSC_0892-imp