Sexy Sunday

I am still in bed – naked i may add, but thought i would write a quick blog before i get up and cam for the day.

Got stung by a wasp on my boob while sunbathing friday – Ouch 🙁

I was just laying face down and it must of sneaked its way under my boob decided there was no way out from the enormous breast so decided to sting me. Haven’t been stung for ages. Here is the sting and no its not a nipple!




Had a fab time on cam yesterday, good mixture from filth to the weird and wonderful fetish . I know a few have asked me to add specific things to my wish list, which i will add over the next few days. I prefer surprises just so you know and appreciate it all 😉 x

I hope to see you guys on cam later today you know how i like to milk your cock and have it thinking about me for a long time after.



Dont forget to follow me on twitter @lollycoxx and if you fancy a cam session today i will be on here and here xx Its going to be big boobs,  tits , nice rack , bangers and what ever else you naughty boys call them along with a very pretty pierced you know what xx